Devisage Paris, 70 years of experience in hair accessories manufacturing and hair jewelry creation

Devisage depuis 1947

Since 1947, Devisage Paris keeps a tradition, an artisanal know-how, a hand-made production 100% made in France.
The mantillas, genuine pieces, manufactured by using the most traditional methods, were the very first creations all made of celluloid.

Histoire Devisage Paris

After that, it was replaced by cellulose acetate (or coton resin) a noble material.

Our research department redouble its ingenuity and during the years 2005, 2006 and 2007 invented and created three new products, unique on the market:

  • The first clip without metal spring (all the clips from our Devisage Paris collection have this technology)
  • The first jewel clip : a completely new concept to fit nice jewels at the top of the clip.
  • The barrette with an anti-slide system for a perfect hold in the hair. All the barrettes from the Devisage Paris collection, are fitted with this technology.

You will find the explanations for these three new productions in the paragraph Devisage Paris innovation.

Devisage Paris chooses the way of fashion. A new world has started.

Bureau d'étude Devisage Paris

In our design department, the stylists create with passion new products that our regularly developed.
These are real hair jewels, precious ornaments that we propose as fashion accessories for each season: a spring-summer collection and fall-winter collection.