Devisage Paris hair accessories and hair jewelry innovation and patents

The Devisage Paris collection is a combination of tradiction and novelties.
Our products are innovative and unique.

Devisage Patent    Innovation n°1 / Our Grip Link clips without metallic center spring

Systeme Grip Link Devisage Paris

All our Devisage Paris hair clips are wihtout metallic center spring.
The Grip Link system has been invented to remove the usual ugly spring in the middle.
Decorative accent made eve at the back of the Devisage Paris clip.
The Devisage Paris clip reiforces the hold the hair.

With this innovation the hair is pressed against the teeth the clip.  

50 000 guaranteed openings.

Devisage Patent    Innovation n°2 / Our Jewel Clips

Système Jewel Clip Devisage Paris

Devisage Paris has created the first clip without metallic center spring and without top.
With this ingenious system on the top of the clip we have the opportunity to decorate the clips with new designs and beautiful jewels.

The fixing of this jewel clip in the hair is very easy.

Devisage Patent    Innovation n°3 / The barrettes with slide system

Système Anti-Glisse Devisage Paris

All our barrettes have this anti slide system.
A thin cover made of a very perforning material that reinforces the hold of your hair without breaking it.

Perfect hold thanks to the anti slide system.